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Hello Guys! I am Sayan Nath. I am a third-year undergraduate student at KIIT University. I did Google Summer of Code in 2021 at TensorFlow. I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Blend, presently leading the GDSC KIIT as the Lead, former President of CodeChef KIIT Chapter and Former Machine Learning Lead at IoT Lab. I was also selected as a Mentor at Google Developer Program Exchange. My other interests aside from Machine Learning are Backend Development and DevOps.


Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

B.Tech in Information Technology
Data Structures, Algorithms, OS, DBMS, OOPs and Web Development

CGPA: 9.02

July 2019 - Present


ML Engineer

Blend ~ Turn every seller into eccomerce pro.


October 2021 - Present

Google Summer of Code Student

Tensorflow ~ An end-to-end open source machine learning platform

• Understand the Tensorflow Lite Task Library.
• Implemented CameraX and remove the usage of fragments with the existing Camera2 and Camera API in Object Detection App.
• Implement Support Library with TensorFlow Lite Interpreter.
• Implemented Data Binding.
• Modified the Test Code in Android.
• Adding a Bounding Box Function in tflite-support Library.

May 2021 - August 2021

Backend Developer

Presence ~ Goodbye haters and naysayers

• Responsible for handling the Backend and Scalability.
• Implement many alternative solution for a problem.
• Maintaining Design Docs and API documentation.
• Managing AWS Server as well as MongoDB Atlas and Mongo Realm.
• Implemented and Deployed Image Moderation API with Docker.

May 2021 - Present

Data Science Intern

Juppiter AI Labs ~ An all AI work agency

• Worked on Optical Character Recognition(OCR) with Tensorflow, Keras and TFLite. Integrated in Flutter App as well.
• Created the backend using Nodejs, Express, Redis,, MongoDB and maintained AWS Server with EC2 instances and S3 Bucket.
• Scaled the complete backend with horizontal scaling to increase efficiency by 70%
• Mentored 2 engineers to deploy app in Play Store and App Store. Also got awarded for youngest talent

April 2021 - Present

Machine Learning Engineer

Codebugged AI ~ Catalyze AI Amplify Life

• Build many Computer Vision Models as per customer requirement. Optimised the models with various optimisation technique like Quantisation, TensorRT Weight Pruning and Weight Clustering. Reduced the inference time of the model from 800ms to 250ms.
• Played a major role for developing Ikshana AI. Worked with TensorFlow Object Detection API, TensorFlow JS and TensorFlow Lite to build the model and deploy it in edge devices.
• Worked with big companies like Mahindra and PropDial.
• Identified Software and DB Architecture based as per customer requirements, performed version control and refining product.
• Created the backend using Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, MySQL and maintained Digital Ocean Server with Droplet and Storage bucket.

August 2020 - October 2021

Flutter Developer Intern

Vulmiqi ~ Software Solutions By Us, for you.

• Added new features to the exsiting app.
• Made an app after understanding business requirements.

July 2020 - November 2020

Machine Learning Intern

Kyrion Technologies

• Worked on Breast Cancer Dataset.
• Trained the model and obtained an accuracy arround 97%

June 2019 - July 2019



Codechef KIIT Chapter

I am President at CodeChef KIIT. In CodeChef KIIT I take core decisions and manages my team to conduct events, sessions and contest in KIIT University

October 2020 - Present



Currently leading the Google GDSC KIIT team. Managing the team and organise the events.

November 2019 - Present

Machine Learning Lead

IoT Lab KiiT

I am in-charge of Machine Learning Team. In IoT Lab KiiT I do projects along with my team which are related to Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I do take core team decisions with my team.

January 2020 - July 2021



A CadX Platfroms

It is an end to end Deep Learning Project with a Flutter App. Simple Website (with Html5, Css3, JS and Flask) to detect diseases like Heart Disease, Pneumonia, Skin Cancer, Brain Tumor, and Malaria Detection by analysing the MRI, CT Scan, Blood Cell Images and taking important data to predict the output.

Github Link

January 2021 - Present


Generate Abstract Images

Generating Abstract Images using DCGANs

Github Link

July 2021 - August 2021

American Sign Language Detection App

Tensorflow, TF-Lite and Java

A realtime image detection app which helps to detect American Sign Language. It handles upto 29 classes. Used MobileNetV2 to train the images. It is deployed in smartphones using TF-Lite.

Github Link

January 2021 - Present

Face Authentication App

Tensorflow, TF-Lite and Flutter

Face Authentication with TF-Line. Model architecture which is used is FaceNet.

Github Link

March 2021 - April 2021

Low Light Image Enhancement App

TF-Lite and Flutter

MIRNet model is used to enhance a low-light image. Implemented MIRNet TF-Lite Model with Flutter App.

Github Link

January 2021 - February 2021

Spyd App

Android, Java and Firebase

An android app that detects whether the signal of your app is weak or strong. If the signal in your area is poor or weak, the current location of the user gets stored in the database. According to the network provider, the data is saved in the Firebase Realtime-Database.

Github Link

March 2021 - April 2021



One Stop destination for all your household needs.

Developed two Android and two iOS for both customer and vendor and one Android App for the delivery personell. The workflow of the software is pretty smooth and client is also happy with the deliverables.

Work Link

August 2020 - December 2020

Quiz Adda

Learning Bhi, Earning bhi

Developed one Android App for users to buy subscription and play quiz. Admin portal to manage quiz and give rewards to the partcipants.

Work Link

November 2020 - January 2021


No more worries about Managing, Renting and Repairing your remote property

Developed an internal app for real estate agents to manage their properties, daily task and to log their employee's attendance.

Work Link

May 2021 - August 2021



A Disaster Management App

Presented in Project Innovations in Distributed Computing and Internet Technology Proceedings of 10th PIC 2021.

Paper Link

December 2020 - January 2021

Talks & Workshops

How to make Computer Vision Project with TensorFlow & Keras


In This Session, I have talked about how to make Computer Vision projects with TensorFlow and Keras. Discussed about TensorFlow Ecosystem from Data Collection to Model Serving. Also discussed about best practices.


Session Link

8th December, 2021

Introduction to TF-Lite


In This Session, I have talked about TFLite. TF Lite models are lightweight models, production-ready and cross-platform frameworks for deploying ML models that are used to get inferences on edge devices like mobile phones and microcontrollers.


Session Link

22nd February, 2021

Info Session: Solution Challenge 2021


DSC KIIT has conducted an info session for all interested student developers to get an idea about the event, timeline, steps and any doubts you might have for DSC Solution Challenge 2021.


Session Link

29th January, 2021

Transfer Learning with Keras


Without transfer learning, it would've been very difficult for beginners to dive into ML. But now, with just a fraction of resources you can make really good models. Therefore DSC KIIT brings you a session on Transfer Learning with Keras in which we'll build an amazing project from scratch and learn necessary concepts along the way.


Session Link

8th August, 2020

Deep Learning with Tensorflow 2.0

Schaffen Softwares

In this session I talked about making simple Convolution Neural Network with Tensorflow 2.0 and demonstrated a project on Malaria cell detection.


Session Link

14th July, 2020

Dart Complete Course


A full tutorial series on the programming language of Dart. I have taught basic, intermediate as well as advance concepts of Dart.

Course Playlist

March 2020 - June 2020

Build Alexa Skill


Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant AI by Amazon.It works on amazon echo dot and many more home automation devices.It is also capable of making to-do lists,set alarms play audiobooks,etc. We have built a DSCKIIT skill.It will help you know about various facts of DSCKIIT and also other developer student clubs running all over India.

Session Link

9th February, 2020

Explore ML Workshop


Conducted Explore ML Workshop in my college. Took an Intermediate Session in this workshop. Shared roadmaps and solved doubts of the students.


Photo Link

26th January, 2020


Programming Languages, Tools & Technologies


Image Classification using BigTransfer(BiT)


BigTransfer (BiT) State-of-the-art transfer learning for image classification.

Blog Link

24th September, 2021

CutMix data augmentation for image classification


Data augmentation with CutMix for image classification on CIFAR-10.

Blog Link

08th June, 2021

How to cache JSON data in Redis


In this article, I have talked about how you can cache JSON data in Redis using NodeJS and MySQL.

Blog Link

28th May, 2021

Weight Pruning with Keras

Analytics Vidhya

In this article, I have talked about weight pruning with Keras which is one of the methods to optimise your model.

Blog Link

28th March, 2021

Quantisation of Models

Analytics Vidhya

In this article, we will understand how quantisation works with TF-Lite Models.

Blog Link

13th March, 2021

Introduction to TF Lite

Analytics Vidhya

In this article, I have talked about saving tensorflow models in TF Lite format.

Blog Link

1st March, 2021

Theme Changer using Provider in Flutter

IoT Lab KiiT

In this article, I have made a Flutter app where we can change the theme of the app by using Provider and Shared Preferences.

Blog Link

18th February, 2021